Is it a serious sports injury ?

After my race at Oakley 20 my recovery was to follow a bath and 2 days rest. A few days later my knee started to feel unstable. I decided to only swim and bike during the week and felt some pain on the bike. On Sunday 5th April I decided to go for a 10km run at a pace faster than my marathon pace. The run felt fine but a section was up a few stairs and again I felt the pain…

I had planned a visit to my Physio a few days before Brighton Marathon and decided to do the Fairlands Valley Spartans Interval run on the Tuesday evening. The run was fine but I was still aware of the pain whilst walking up stairs at work. I started to think that the 26.2 miles might become a target too far. So obviously I decided to search on Knee Injuries on google and started to build a picture of a dreaded failure to get to the start line. I knew the pain was on the inside of my right knee and after a few (okay lots) of sites visited I concluded that it could be a injury to the “Pes Anserine Tendinopathy”


So my race was over before it had started, I turned up to Stevenage Sports Clinic with the thought that if my physio advised me not to run then I would follow his advise. As ever Kieran went through the last weeks and focused on aspects I had not even thought about such as work shoes. Kieran identified the issue very quickly linked from my feet to my hip flexor and then worked on the area of concern. The news at the end of the consultation was a very happy moment – your all ready to race and good luck.

As an athlete I tend to jump to conclusions too fast and need to follow the advise of those who are qualified.


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