MK Triathlon 2015

So what do you do after a disappointment of not finishing a race enter a quick local race! I’ve always enjoyed big cow events and like the layed back nature of the big cow crew.

The race was a 7am kick off as the race is not on closed roads. The roads are quiet and you only get to see a few cars. The swim was a little bit different in that I was very laid back instead of sprinting to the first buoy. After passing the third buoy I stated to pass a few swimmers and decided to draft an athelete. This was the first ever time I had an incident in open water in over 7 years of racing. The guy obviously didn’t like me swimming close and decided to take action by pushing me under the water. I was a little put off but decided to ignore the athelete and pushed in front of him and started to kick very hard. Funnily enough I didn’t see him after. I exited the water in 22:10 mins a little slower than normal and probably due to my laid back approach.

The bike was wet and a little windy and looking at the bike splits it appears the race was slower due to the conditions. I was looking to push 95% of my theshold power but ended up around 85%. Finishing in a time of 1:06:59. This left me a little fresh for the run. 

Once out on the run I took the first lap a little easy to build then I pushed on. This was probably the best run I’ve ever done in triathlon and felt very strong during the run. In hindsight had I attacked from the outset I would have been closer to a 36 min 10k but I’ll take 38:10.

The end result was not a concern but I just wanted to finish a race and I achieved this with 6th overall in a time of 2:08:58.


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